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God of War review: one of the greatest games of the latest console generation has been masterfully ported to PC and looks better than ever – James Ide

Previously a Sony exclusive and systems vendor, the epic action game is still a highlight in recent games that PC owners shouldn’t miss

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God of War: PlayStation releases a tense trailer for the game

God’s review of war

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God of War is one of the best-selling video games of the last generation and with good reason, loved by both critics and gamers for a more ingrained and dramatic depiction of the series. The game has been up to now Play station exclusive.

The God of War series began in 2005 on PlayStation 2 as a hack and slash action game about a Spartan warrior who slays the Gods of Olympus to avenge the death of his family.

However, after two major sequels and spin-offs of the game’s protagonist, a raging monster from the 2000s, Kratos has changed and the series has evolved into a much more serious, deeper and more complex game about authorship and secrets, updating it with more rooted elements. and frenetic combat.

The relationship between Atreus and his father is what really makes the game



God of War of 2018 was developed by Sony Santa Monica Studio and it was a huge hit on PlayStation 4 and a system exclusive that many would never have thought of seeing on any other system.

And with the Ragnarök sequel in development, the series doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

Sony’s exclusive titles are a huge system seller for Play station consoles and some fans are disappointed to see their favorite titles arrive on other hardware.

But with Sony I like titles Unexplored,Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Horizon Zero sunrise and Days Gone are making their way onto PC, with some minor glitches with the Final Fantasy 7 remake and the dawn of Horizon Zero having some issues.

But we will likely see many more on the way, allowing many PC gamers to experience some of Sony’s strongest titles for the first time.

God of War is the story of the Greek killer, Kratos, but this time he is accompanied by his son Atreus, as they travel to the top of a mountain to scatter the ashes of Atreus’s mother and Kratos’ second wife, Faye.

They traverse the frozen frozen land battling undead and monsters as they face the secrets of Kratos ‘past and Atreus’ legacy along the way and are pursued by mighty Norse gods who want to prevent Ragnarök.

Playing an older Kratos who comes to terms with his relationship with his son and tries to be a better father as he tries to prepare his son for this dangerous world, causing friction between the two characters and making them feel believable and down-to-earth .

God of War is easily one of the best games of the last decade



The cast is incredible but with extraordinary performances of Christopher judge as Kratos and Sunny Suljic as Atreus is simply stunning and really brings the characters to life while adding complexity and weight to the themes and story of the game are just amazing to watch.

The game perfectly balances some breathtaking fight scenes that could put an MCU blockbuster to shame, but also more peaceful and touching moments.

The recommended specs for the game aren’t too demanding and weren’t as heavy as I expected, however the 70GB of hard drive space is a bit large, however nothing compared to the Call of Duty’s 200GB size.

Processor: Intel i5-6600k 4 core 3.5 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 2400 G 4 core 3.6 GHz

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB or AMD RX 570 4GB

I played on two different systems, one with an Nvidia RTX 3070Ti and one with a much older GTX Nvidia 1080Ti, and while obviously the 3070 looked much better and benefits from DLSS technology, 1080Ti still did a great job albeit at lower settings. .

The original God of War graphics still hold up incredibly well today and a direct port would have been fine, however, this is a quality port that adds many technical improvements for more robust hardware.

This PC port brings with it extensive graphics enhancements including native 4K resolution with unlocked framerates and 21: 9 widescreen support, texture details have also been improved as well as reflections and shadows.

The game also includes exploration and environmental puzzles which add some nice pacing changes



Which takes the already stunning, wonderful and vibrant world and makes it more beautiful than ever. It is especially noticeable in the smaller details like Kratos’ white hairs in his beard, the bandages on his hands, and the cracks in his armor.

The game also supports Nvidia DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling for those with a compatible 20 or 30 series graphics card. That means you won’t need a god of a machine to run the game reasonably well.

DLSS uses AI rendering to increase frame rate by upscaling frames to lower resolution without sacrificing image quality or compromising performance.

This made the fighting and movement much smoother and easier to control as well as dodging and aiming and playing at 120fps was an absolute joy.

Kratos reactions are smoother than ever thanks to the inclusion of Nvidia Reflex, this reduces the time between your computer and recognition of your input.

There is a fair amount of graphics options to tinker with to help make the game look its best.

The port will be the closest and PC players will be able to access the Ragnarök sequel for a long time



The game supports both a controller and a keyboard and mouse and as a PC player, I have used the latter and found it much simpler.

I tried it briefly with a controller, but as only I did Xbox controller seemed weird to me and I’m terrible with them. However, the game also natively supports excellent PS5 DualSense controller but without its incredible feedback.

Combat is very simple to learn but difficult to master and still a hack and slash affair. The game feels slower and more visceral than previous titles, adding some realism and power to your moves. The PC version feels smoother and is enhanced by graphical and framerate updates.

Kratos may no longer have his Blades of Chaos, but the Leviathan ax is a fun and functional weapon



You’ll still die often, but with the smoother frame rates and graphic fidelity, you’ll see enemies arrive a little earlier and you’re ready to go.

I also forgot how good the story was with a few emotional punches along the way .

Unlike previous games in the series, these titles have allowed you to explore more, which allows you to gain experience and find weapon and armor upgrades, making you even more devastating in combat.

I’m excited and a little nervous to see what modders will end up doing to this stoic story, perhaps the inclusion of the Thomas tank engine as in Skyrim or the modding in the classic 2005-era Kratos character model.


Of everything Sony The selection of top-notch first party games, God of War is a fantastic choice to port to PC and make no mistake this is a perfectly done port.

It’s also great to see the updates breathe new life into this well-deserved legend of a game, as well as to see a whole new audience embrace this title.

Given the shaky start of the original PS4 releases and inconsistent framerates and stuttering, you can now enjoy this breathtaking title with over 60 perfect framerates, just keep in mind you’ll need a sturdy machine if you want to get stuck at 120fps.

However, if your hardware can handle it, the already magnificent game looks simply amazing with full 4k ultra native settings and at 120fps it feels more realistic and plays as responsive as possible even on the best modern consoles like the PS5.

With such a large PC port my fingers are crossed that we could see Spiderman purchased in the not too distant future.

For those who have never played God of War before, this game is a must with a fantastic story, thrilling combat and a rich and vibrant world combined with fantastic acting.

While picking it up it might not be worth it for those who own the PS5 version, for those who have played it on PS4 porting to PC is a feast for the eyes, it offers significant improvements over this already legendary title and the definitive way to play God of War.

God of War is available now for £ 39.99 and is available on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

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