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What the Beep is a team associated with the group Five 9 Digital Media, comprising young and experienced individuals ranging from wide regional, professional and cultural backgrounds, concerned with the events taking place in India and around the world.

We believe in bringing stories to the people of India, not just those which chill out our moods and get us lively, but also ideas which grill our assumptions and upgrade us nicely. Our stories range from within India and around the world, covering social, economic, political, cultural, sports and entertainment topics. We strive to give our viewers a factual and analytical perspective which they can relate to in their daily life.

We are not sadists spending sleepless nights to benefit any political party or activist group, nor a group of “saviors” and “leaders” set out to change the world, lol. We simply wish to connect to the ones who are broken, speak for the ones who are crying, and beep the ones who are lying.

We aim to balance the information on the web, while there are several houses unbalancing the awareness of the youth and overriding the free thinker.

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