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Policemen thrashed, Traders’ sacred and government helpless: Mayawati

Taking a dig on increasing crime rate in Uttar Pradesh, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Chief Mayawati alleged, “the state government has failed to perform its first constitutional duty of providing security to the people. In most of the crimes, people related to BJP are found involved.”

“People of the state have not got any benefit from power shift in the state as the present government has failed to control the crime rate. Instead, caste-based violence for political enmity has increased,” she said.

Commenting on the recent double murder of the traders in Mathura, Mayawati said the trader community which is said to be a loyal voter base for BJP, are forced to live in fear. They are resorting to ‘Bandh’ protests demanding for their security. Despite all this, BJP government vows to give the reply to the criminals in their language. This shows that BJP does not know that Criminals should be replied in the language of law only.

In past few months, several incidents of attack on policemen have been reported in the state. Commenting on it, she said, “Due to lack of political willingness in the BJP government policemen are being targetted by the goons openly. They should be concerned about such incidents.

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