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UP U-turn on separate lanes for VIPs at toll plazas

Facing flak over its advisory for ensuring separate lanes for VIPs at toll plazas in Uttar Pradesh, the state government on Monday took a U-turn and said the earlier system of same lanes for all vehicles will be adhered to.

The state was earlier rapped for its communique to all Divisional Commissioners, District Magistrates, Chief Engineers of Public Works Department and regional officers of National Highways Authority of India, seeking special lanes at toll plazas across the state for VVIPs — members of Parliament, legislators and ministers.

Additional Chief Secretary (Urban Development) Sadakant in a letter issued on Monday to these officials said the earlier instructions were “misinterpreted”.

He clarified that the issue was mooted since ‘vishisht mahanubhav’ (VIPs) had difficulty in commuting in case of traffic jams at the toll plazas.

The state government’s move for separate lanes for VIPs was questioned since the Centre had earlier banned use of beacon lights and sirens on official vehicles, except in particular cases.

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