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15 Yemeni civilians killed in 112 airstrikes in 3 days by Saudi

At least 15 Yemeni civilians were killed, Including two women and a child, and five others wounded, including two women in 112 airstrikes, launched by Saudi aggression warplanes on several Yemeni provinces over the past three days, said the officials.

In Sana’a, the aggression warplanes launched three air strikes on Arhab districts.Ten civilians were killed and four wounded in airstrikes in a vegetable market and citizens’ houses in Majaz district.

In Taiz, the aggression fighter jets waged 48 air raids on Mokha city, Mawza district, AL-Nar Mountain, AL-Wazeea, and Al-Omary area.

Also in Taiz, A man and two women were killed by a cluster bomb on Mawza district. In Mareb province, the aggression warplanes carried out one raid targeting Habbab district.

In Hodeida port city, the aggression launched 39 air strikes on areas of Al-Dorehemy, Hodeidah Airport, Al-Toheta ,and Faqih district.

Also in Hodeida, Aggression aircrafts carried out raids on as bridge linking between Al-Dhuha directorate and Al-Torba area .

In Lahj governorate, the aggression fighter jets launched nine raids on Al-Kahboob district.

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