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2nd in 2 Months… Pune techie murdered! 

What the beep is happening?

Before one could forget the murder of a Bengali techie, of Capgemini, in December, here is another gruesome incident. Rasila Raju OP, an engineer with Infosys, posted in Pune, was found dead in the conference room on the 9th floor of the office.

What transpired?

Rasila was ‘technically’ on a week off. Keeping in view pending work she had to attend office during evening hours on a Sunday. The security guard on duty, the accused, Bhaben Saika, 26 year of from Assam tried to make ‘advances’. Rasila warned him not to stare at her vulgarly. She warned him she would complain against him for stalking. Angered by her stern warning, the accused, entered the office premises on a pretext of fixing LAN cable. He then pulled out the networking cable, hit her head and strangled Rasila to death. Rasila was found dead with marks on her neck.

What police have to say?

When she refused to back off leading to an argument, he pulled out the cable and strangulated her in a fit of rage. The guard also hit her face with his shoes, injuring her nose,” said Shinde, DCP. There was no CCTV installed near Rasila workstation. However based on last seen theory, police have zeroed in on Saika after analysing footage from other CCTVs. “The CCTV footage showed Saikia was the last person entering Rasila’s section of the office. When we tried to trace him, his mobile location showed he was on the way to Mumbai,” said Shinde. The fugitive called his mother after this incident. He confessed everything to her. She suggested him to surrender, but Saika instead opted to flee.

Friends & Family furious

A native of Kerala, she completed her B.Tech from a college in Tamil Nadu. “She has been requesting transfer to Bengaluru. Had her request for transfer been honoured, my daughter would have been alive today” cries her father, a retired soldier. Rasila lost her mother, who was a cancer patient. Her brother works in abroad.

Infosys statement

We are deeply saddened & shocked by the tragedy at Pune DC. Our hearts go out to our colleague’s family in this time of grief”, read official statement. Infosys officials informed police that Rasila had day off, but came to work on a project and was in touch with colleagues at the company’s Bengaluru office. Company officials said they are fully cooperating in investigation with the police department.

Few questions remain…

  • Why was work allotted on a Sunday?
  • Why wasn’t any woman security officer deputed?
  • Why was’t CCTV installed near her work station?
  • How could the security guard easily enter the office premises?

Everytime an incident like this happens, there’s hue and cry, outrage for few days and its history! I wonder this will ever stop? How safe are our fellow citizens, women in particular?


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