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6 People Accused of Lynching Pehlu Khan Get Clean Chit

Rajasthan Police have cleared 6 People Accused of Lynching Pehlu Khan, who was lynched by Cow Vigilantes on April 1 in Alwar.

Pehlu Khan had gone to Jaipur Cattle Fair with his 2 sons to buy cows, on his way back, he was attacked by cow vigilantes.

The accused had attacked Khan while he was transporting his cows to Haryana from Rajasthan for which he had the permits, the men had accused him of transporting them illegally. Many of his attackers were affiliated with the right-wing Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

“The statements of witnesses in the case, including policemen and the employees of the Rath Gaushala, indicate that none of the accused were present at the time of the attack. Call record details of the six people, along with Base Transceiver Station (BTS) location of mobiles, further support this,” Hindustan Times quoted the investigation report.

The Alwar Police have also canceled a Rs 5,000-reward on each of the 6 accused as an investigation found them not guilty.

Khan’s family, disappointed with the clean chit given to 6 accused said: “These six men started the attack and were present there. As we were being thrashed, I heard them call each other’s name.”

Khan’s son said they will continue fighting the case until they get justice.