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A Mythical Partition of India

One of the most disputed land partition of the millennia, India – Pakistan. Which is like never resolving controversy and still flourishing to no end. As history says that on 15th August 1947, India gets divided into two nations, one becomes Pakistan and the other India.

This article is not about the eloquent tales of my countries’ sacrifices or how great it is. What I am interested in is to give you the different perspective to look deep into the bogus theory which Indian Muslim League propagated to get their piece of land.

There was number of meets and round table conferences happened between East India company and Indian Muslim League and the congress. After, so many discussions, the intellectuals of that time came to a conclusion that the Jinnah(IML) and company need a separate nation. And their story was written around a phobia that after the independence of India, the majority will put bans on the religious practices of minority. And it got acceptance between political and apolitical classes.

This feeling of fear seeped long back by the east India company through Minto-marlo reforms in 1909, which voiced separate electorate for muslims. It says that the muslim candidate will be voted to power by only muslims electorates. British Empire played a role of stooge and maneuvered the situation which shored up the communal tension in the nation. So, this is how Pakistan got shaped.

Then what is so mythical about the partition? Just imagine, a situation, in a country like India where 80 crore hindus and 16 crore muslims with other religions living peacefully since ages, and performing their respective rituals and practices as prescribes by their respective institutions. This brotherhood between different sects or religions is a stark reminder for the theorist of separate nation, who were so eager to declare that minority will perish and die by the hands of majority. This was the myth which made the people of India at that time scared to get divided into Muslim state Pakistan and secular India.

So, from now on when you see any organisation irrespective of their religion thrashing the other community people, is only supporting the claim of Pakistan, those malicious and good for nothing organisations are just helping the case of Pakistan, they were never part of India and still they are not.

In the end, I would like to extend the voice of our honourable Prime Minister Modi’s demand for free Baluchistan to free Pakistan. Isn’t this is the time?

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