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A seven year old girl from syria offered friendship to Donald Trump

Devastation in Aleppo

Who doesn’t know about the battle of Aleppo? The sights of devastation in Aleppo was heart rending and left every human being in the world to pray for the better condition in Aleppo. The war destroyed everything from hospitals to schools every citizen suffered. People were forced to leave their homes and rush to other countries for safe shelters. The death of a 5 year old at the sea shore in search of peace and LIFE brings tears in eyes of even the stone hearted and shows the wreckedimpacts of war.


Bana Alabed,seven year old girl, took the social world by her tweets about the destruction in Aleppo and the struggle of citizens to live a peaceful life. This time she decided to jot down her request for peace. She has written a letter to president of United States of America Donald Trump “to do something for the children in Syria”


Bana, in her letter expressed her anguish over the conditions in Syria. She told about her school which was bombarded and her friends who are no more.


Sweet Bana offered her friendship to Trump. She said “if you promise me you will do something for Syrian children, I am already your friend” A child of seven year old experienced devastation at such a tender age but is not broken. Besides she is working hard to help everyone in Syria. With her innocence and at the same time intellectual thinking she grabbed the attention of everyone towards the Aleppo. Trump hasn’t responded yet but it would be comforting for Bana and every citizen of Aleppo if he replies for the betterment of Aleppo and humanity.

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