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AAP supporters slam Arnab by trending ‘ArnabModiKaKuttaHai’ on twitter

Role of debate and discussion is very significant in democracy. However the constitution committee had made a special provision over strenghtining the democracy through debates and dialogues. From nagar panchayat to zilla parishad and from vidhan sabha to lok sabha, a specific style, topic and time is defined for debates.

Now a days, these discussions have shifted from Sadan to social media without a moderator and are being pushed and pursued by National media houses. With their own ideology, they ensure  adherence towards their specific Political idea.

For instance, last night Arnab Goswami endorsed a hashtag #AAPDontCare and today, Times Now came up with a fresh attack over Aam Aadmi Party by floating #AAPHaiAbroad. While Times Now used the national television and prime time debate by attacking the personal life of AAP leaders, Aam Aaadmi Party supporters responded this attack by trending the hashtag #ArnabModiKaKuttaHai.

  • L P Gupta

    What Kejriwal jee said for Arnav is right. He said, Arnav is a faithful dog of Modi jee and it is true.

  • abu Basim Khan

    Arnab is enemy of Muslims also.He always says negative about Muslims. He is always in search of falls negative matter to please Modi bhakt.