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ABP news editor Pankaj Jha threatened for in-depth reporting on Kasganj violence

For in-depth reporting of the Kasganj communal violence, Pankaj Jha, editor of ABP News claimed of getting life-threatening calls on Monday. Only only this, when he wrote the complaints on twitter some miscreants again threatened him on social media too.

At around 7 am, Pankaj Jha tweeted on his twitter account, “Since morning Some people are calling me, they are threatening to kill me, they are challenging to kidnap my daughter. They are asking is there any need to permission seeks permission for Tiranga yatra in the country? But the same was told by the DM Kasganj, so he should be asked such…

Soon after he made the tweet, many came forward to express support and condemn the callers who were threatening him but there were some, who made extreme remarks against the journalist.

A twitter user Kamlesh Tiwari HSP said, “You asked this question, Mr Pankaj Jha, that was permission taken for Tiranga Yatra? I think you have not participated in any rally on January 26 in your childhood, if you would have participated, you would not have asked this question from the District Magistrate. National Villain, see Hindu web portal has taken you”

Another user Atul Tripathi wrote, “I am responding to you, why you are being abused. It was you people who in front of Rajput leaders were calling the Rajput society as a coward, terrorist gang, but today when Muslims are against the Tiranga Yatra, Why you are silent. if Muslims stand up, Muslims are the terrorists who betray the country. Do you have any answer??

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