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After 70 glorious years have we got our priorities right?

Birthplace of the oldest religion in the world and cradle of many cultures. We are the most populous democracy in the world and home to the followers of almost all religions on earth. Rightly so; we take pride in our unity in diversity. Since independence from the British, we have achieved numerous milestones and continue to tread the path envisioned by the great leaders and martyrs of our freedom struggle.
We have vast mineral wealth, fertile lands, natural forests, marine wealth and above all, the largest number of youth of employable age. We have some of the greatest minds in technology and innovation. We have human potential, natural resources and a sea of opportunities. Without an ounce of doubt, we can play a leadership role in the region and the world if we make optimal use of our available resources.
To prosper as a nation, we don’t require lobbying for H1B visas or financial and technological aid from developed nations but national solidarity and the need to work together with the available resources.
We are entering the 71st year of our independence; and yet cherish some of the evil legacies the British colonialists left for us. These include a bloody partition whose pitfalls are still very much evident. A tactfully imposed border dispute and the great colonial practice of dividing people on religious lines.
Today we face many problems just like any other developing nation in the world. We are struggling with illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, inflation, malnutrition, poverty, hunger, women’s safety, lack of housing, public infrastructure, access to clean drinking water, sanitation and healthcare facilities, pollution, unplanned urbanisation and the list goes on…..
We know what our problems are; but are we in the right direction to solve them?
After so many years of our independence, have we got our priorities right?
Let’s take the example of our latest tragedy, so far 70 children have died in the state-run BRD Medical College Hospital in UP’s Gorakhpur, which is UP CM’s parliamentary constituency. While the deaths of these innocent children tore our hearts to pieces, the Uttar Pradesh government was busy issuing an important circular to the state run madrassas. The circular directed all madrassas or Islamic schools to hold celebrations on Independence Day and videograph the event. When Sanjay Sinha; Secretary, Basic Education Board, was asked as to why no video proof of Independence Day celebrations have been sought from the schools, he said, “We trust our schools. They are our teachers, our students and so why should we seek any evidence.”
Isn’t this an attempt at isolation and targeting of one particular community?
Let us say all madrassas and institutions run by minorities throughout India record their independence day celebrations and send it to the UP government will they bring back those 70 children who died due to lack of basic facilities in the government run hospital?
Will these video recordings console those helpless parents and wipe their tears…?
Our farmers are committing suicide everyday and our women are being stalked, abducted and raped, while leaders from the ruling party are pained about people not singing ‘Vande Mataram.’
While China is threatening us on our borders,  unemployment is rising, demonitisation has crushed small businesses and the unorganized sector, and our PhD holders are applying for peon’s jobs, we are being told that love-jihad, conversions and cattle slaughter are the biggest problems we are facing as a nation. 
As we celebrate our Independence day, I pray that I meet ‘Vikas’ on an ‘Ache din’ to convey my ‘Mann Ki Baat.’
Happy Independence day. Jai Hind.