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All Party meeting on Kashmir disappointing: Welfare Party of India

Welcoming the all party meet on Kashmir chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Welfare Party of India expressed disappointment that the meeting failed to bring out tangible and positive results.

WPI National President  Dr. SQR Ilyas said the meeting also failed in conveying a strong message of healing and conciliation to the estranged and enraged people of Kashmir

“It is a welcome step that Modi chaired the meeting and heard diverse views of political parties. Equally important is that in single voice, a message has gone to neighbouring Pakistan not to middle in the internal affairs of India. But absence of concrete measures to heal the wounds will send wrong message to the people of Kashmir that the BJP-led Modi government is keen on keeping the soil of the state intact and least bothered of their souls.

He opined that the meeting even failed to announce an all party delegation to visit the trouble-hit state. The meeting failed to gauge the depth of resentment of the people where almost entire villages with women and children defying curfew coming to the streets. At least a decision to restrain the security personnel from the fatal use off pellet guns and from disproportionate response would have sent soothing message” the statement continued.

Instead of cosmetic measures and sugar-coated words what needed is concrete steps and deep-hearted initiatives. While preferential considerations are reported to be extended to Naga people like separate flag and passports, differential treatment is meted out to Kashmiri people, while both were making somewhat identical demands for decades,” the statement alleged. The Party strongly demanded to initiate dialogue without any delay with all stake-holders.