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Andhra man ends life after killing wife, two daughters

A farmer committed suicide after killing his wife and two daughters in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district, police said.

Ramsubba Reddy, who was missing since the triple murders on Tuesday, was found in an unconscious condition near TTD Kalyana Mandapam in Tadipatri town on Wednesday. Police shifted him to a local hospital, where he was declared dead. Doctors said he died of poisoning.

His wife Sulochana, 45, and their daughters Pratyusha, 20, and Pratibha, 18, were found murdered in their home in Tadipatri town on Tuesday morning. Since Reddy was missing, his involvement in the crime was suspected.

According to police, Reddy, a farmer, was addicted to gambling. He had taken loans, resulted in financial problems.

Police suspect that he killed his wife and two daughters after a fight.

The three daughters of Reddy were pursing higher education in Tirupati.

Both Pratyusha and Pratibha were studying engineering and since their colleges were yet to reopen, they were at home.

The eldest daughter Prasanna, a student of MSc, was staying in Tirupati.