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Ansari died of police torture in Jharkhand: Post-mortem report

The post-mortem report points out that the Muslim youth, who was in the police custody after being arrested for a WhatsApp message on beef died of police torture, in Jharkhand. According to reports, the 22-year-old Minhaz Ansari died in custody due to beating and not because of encephalitis.

Post-mortem reports revealed that Ansari’s body had abrasions and internal injuries. Doctors, also alleged that the Muslim youth was also not given food in the police custody. His viscera will be sent to a forensic lab for further examination.

BJP ruled Jharkhand has recently seen a huge rise in brutality and torture against Muslims since the party came to power. People on social media erupted in anger following the reports of Ansari was brutally ‘tortured’ by police in BJP-ruled Jharkhand after cops arrested him for a beef-related message on WhatsApp.

The 22-year-old Ansari had died in police custody on Sunday. As per media reports, Ansari died on Sunday and was tortured to death by cops during his custody.

Indian Express reported that the WhatsApp message that prompted police to arrest Minhaz was had started doing the rounds in Dighari village of Narayanpura, in Jamtara district, on 2 October. Minhaz was reportedly the creator of the said WhatsApp group.

Though police have denied the allegations of excesses, they’ve now admitted that there were prima facie lapses on the part of the officer-in-charge of Narayanpura police station, Sub-Inspector Harish Pathak. Pathak has been suspended and an FIR of murder has been registered against him.

Such brutality against Muslims in BJP ruled state are increasing day by day. In March this year, two Muslim cattle traders were lynched to death by men belonging to right-wing Hindutva group.

They were killed while on their way to a local Friday market in Jharkhand when they were mercilessly beaten up before being hanged to death from a tree.

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