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Appreciate people taking initiatives to bring change in the society


What are the basic needs of human beings? Food, cloth, shelter, health and education. But some are unable to fulfil even their basic needs let alone the luxuries of life. Everything has a price and one must pay it. Very few stand alone to selflessly spend their time to help destitute and poor but as they say Time is also money.


This is the constant question everyone asks. What an individual can do and that too without resources. But we need to understand it takes will rather than resources to extend a helping hand towards someone.


This man was unknown until he took a step which many with their resources couldn’t. Syed is a drain cleaner in Mysuru. This 60-year-old man opened a library in his small hut. With a meagre earnings of 100 rupees per days he maintains his free public library. His library is the only one to serve the area that has 10,000 houses.


It was his love for knowledge and the will to help others that he didn’t let poverty and age as an hurdle to come before his nobel venture.Even though he is an illiterate he understands the importance of education and thus provides it free. This noble venture costs him 5000 every month. His work didn’t go unnoticed and he was recently honoured by local minority cell for his noble gesture.

More such initiative are required to bring a change. It’s not that people don’t do that but they need our support and appreciation to keep going.