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Are the Stars of Olympics Dimmed, or Shadowed?

A billion strong nation struggles to bag a single medal at the Olympics, year after year. Does it have to do with our talent, or the food we eat, or the air we breathe, or the books we are taught, or the color of our skin, or the strength in our muscles, or the speed of our limbs? Maybe the problem isn’t anywhere as pointed above, and the problem is somewhere in our minds, our social trends, and not to forget, our administration. Travel the world around, and we Indians are appreciated for our dedication and hard-work, our capacity and competitiveness, and a lot more. Yes, this is appreciated abroad, but not at home.

Olympics in India:

How is Olympics seen in India before the news of the Olympic torch hits the national and global news channels? Of course the global news network is filled with feeds about the Olympics and Indians do keep a decent watch on the Olympics, only when the Olympics starts, and not before that or after that. The question which each of us needs to ask is, which are the areas of our national interests with respect to sports? Perhaps the same could be said for culture, academics, and research related fields which are greatly shadowed, and the required attention, financing, training, and development is not seen, while the same goes different for selected areas of sports in which cricket surpasses all games, and culture in which movies surpass all platforms. A recent promotional video released by Blush Channel along with ‘Dove’, points to this reality with a very deep and silent message, saying “There is more than one kind of beautiful. Let’s break the rules of beauty”, and this refers somewhere about the existence of other platforms which are greatly shadowed somewhere in our perceptions.

The “beauty” is not perhaps the physical beauty of the sportspersons involved, but the talent and unique capabilities of each of the participants who are representing our entire nation. These individual participants, at this grand event are rather carrying behind them the name of 1.2 billion Indians, on the global stage. The kind of encouragement and enthusiasm they need at this time is unimaginable. There are team matches, as well as individual face-offs, and the only thing which could be a push for them at this 11th hour is our thumbs-up for them, our wishes and support, which is somewhere missing a great deal. A Nation of 1.2 billion, with a few competing at world level against the odds of the invincible China and US, obviously need much more than what they are provided with, with respect to training, financing, infrastructure, and the least – Social Support.

Perhaps we all need to realize the beauty of individual talents, not just in sports, but also in other areas of this global race, where a nation as diverse as India can do marvels if we but join our efforts together. Our varied population must be our strength, not our weakness, and in the years to come we must strive to make a name for India on such International platforms. Let’s break the rules of beauty. Beauty is in the eyes of the onlooker.