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As world powers feast on Syria, Putin says US-Russia nearing agreement

In an interview ahead of the G20 summit to be held in China, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the US and Russia despite differences are close to reaching an agreement on Syria. This, amidst chaos and bloodshed in Syria where more than 5,00,000 people have been killed at a world stage where major world powers are engaged for more than five years now, repeatedly issuing similar statements of resolving or nearly resolving the issue, at times by war, and at times by talks.

“In my view, we are gradually moving in the right direction,” said Mr. Putin as issued in a statement released by the Kremlin. He further said, “I do not exclude that in the near future we may agree on something and show this agreement to the world community. For now, it is too early to say, but it seems to me that we are proceeding, as I already said, in the right direction.”

The Russian Leader has time and again accused the US to be responsible for terrorism in the Syria-Iraq region, citing the US directing the flow of “oil”, “money”, and “salaries” through and to the “mercenaries” who eventually are ISIS. The Russian President staunchly supports the Syrian President Assad, while the US administration calls him a tyrant dictator and pushes for his removal, by war or otherwise.

The US and allies have been supplying weapons and aid to “moderate rebels” in Syria under the pretext of defending the civilians against Assad, which has been time and again failed as there aren’t any moderate terrorists in the world, and whatever goes into the hands of American trained rebels, eventually goes into the hands of ISIS.

It is indeed shocking that the world’s most powerful armies with military technology and supremacy unmatched with any other fighting force, repeatedly meeting and strategizing their operations in Syria, all claiming to fight terrorism, fail to contain and defeat less than a 100,000 untrained street-thugs-turned-terrorists in the Syria-Iraq region for 5 years now? Given the fact that the US spent nearly a decade in Iraq prior to the rise of ISIS in Iraq, what should we presume has been the role of US in fighting Terror in the region which has seen more than 2 million civilian deaths since September 2001?

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