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Beef to get cheaper in Meghalaya if BJP takes power

A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader in Meghalaya on Monday said his party will not ban beef and legalize slaughter houses if it comes to power, thus reducing the prices of various meat.

“In Meghalaya most BJP leaders eat beef. The question of banning beef does not arise in a state like Meghalaya. BJP leaders in Meghalaya are well aware of the historical background and the Constitutional provisions over hill areas,” BJP leader Bernard Marak said.

The former militant-turned politician said: “If BJP come to power in 2018, BJP will not ban beef. Instead it will regulate proper rates for meat and legalize slaughter houses, reducing the prices of beef and other meat.”

“Beef is an expensive meat which cannot be availed by all. The government has failed to regularize uniformity in rates of meats which is harassment to the public,” he said.

Noting that Meghalaya does not have proper slaughter houses to check the meat sold at market places, Marak said: “People are exposed to unhygienic edibles and sometimes chemical substances are induced in them which is consumed by the old and young.”

He said the BJP will do everything that the Congress government failed to by establishing slaughter houses, checking meat quality and bringing down meat prices.