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Belgium machete attack on police officers claimed by ISIS

The infamous terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the machete attack in the Belgian city of the Charleroi on Saturday, resulting in injuries to two female police officers, reported by a news agency affiliated with the terror group.

The 2 female officers were attacked nearby their police station, by a man who was then was shot by a third officer on site and was taken hospital, who later died of his gunshot injuries.
Identified as a 33-year-old Algerian, the attacker resided in Belgium since 2012, with reported criminal offenses in police history, but no past record for terrorist links. A criminal investigation for attempted terrorist murder was opened following the incident in Charleroi.

The Belgian prosecutors in the course of investigations found out that there were clear grounds to believe that these attacks were linked to terrorism, saying “There are indications that the attack may have been inspired by a terrorist motive,”. Two houses were searched in the city as part of the case.

The Belgian police has also arrested another man of Turkish origin with a machete, in the eastern city of Liege.