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Big Boss, the makers of controversy

Big boss and controversy go hand in hand. The most watched and commendable reality show couldn’t spare itself from harsh criticism of public. From its contestants, their remarks their background to the authenticity of the show the show remains in the highlights. The format of the show was taken from UK based big brother. The show started its 10 season in 2016.


This was the first time in the show when common public was made part of the house with celebrities. The show was packed with drama and excitement. Contestants like Priyanka Jagga muse and OMJI degraded the ambience of the house. Omji and Priyanka ruined the environment by their cheap talks and dirty actions which even annoyed Salman the host to such an extent that both were throw out of the house. This is not the first time when contestants lost their cool. In season 8 Sambhavna Seth threw her sandals on Dimpy during a conflict. So, big boss, its contestants and public are used to this drama.


Followers of big boss are quite fumed up with the show. Public vote their favourite contestant and save them from elimination. However, this time it was not possible due to some internal ‘setting’.  People blamed that their votes were being diverted.  Some of them posted their screenshots on social media and showed how whole voting system functions. They voted for a particular contestant but the reply from the other side came as a thank you for voting the other one. Diandra of season 8 asked public not to waste their time on voting as the show is pre-decided. Priyanka Jagga muse of season 10 also called the show scripted.

Well let’s see what effect this controversy will have on the TRP of show and most importantly reaction of the host – Salman khan.

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