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Bihar Waqf Controversy: Journalist Asad Ashraf has a message for Rights activists

Last week police had lathi charged a group of people in Muzaffarpur, who are fighting against Land Mafia for waqf properties which they have allegedly sold out.

The attack was so aggressive that whistleblower Maulana Kazim Rizvi’s and his wife’s hands got fractured. Even his son was beaten by the Men in Uniform and several others also got injured in the attack.

After seeing the silence of Rights activists sitting in Delhi who always speak against injustice and violence, Journalist Asad Ashraf has slammed them. In a Facebook post, he wrote, ‘A Shia moulvi was beaten up in Muzaffarpur Bihar, his burqa clad wife was manhandled by the men in uniform, a fifteen-year-old kid was beaten up ruthlessly. All this because he was a leading warrior against the illegal occupation of waqf land.

Yet we see no feminist rage in Delhi probably because the woman was wearing a burqa? no liberal rage because the man was a moulvi? no child right activists swinging into action because a 15-year-old boy was a son of religious cleric?

Isn’t is time to introspect that our demonstration of ideological position should not remain confined to our fancy drawing rooms in Delhi or may just make it clear that the victim of such violence has to have a similar line of thinking with yours and should not be a practising religious person.

In the meanwhile, police have charged Maulana with sedition, the war against nation and Arms act.

People who went to meet Mr Nitish Kumar on the issue came back telling that the chief minister called Maulana an anti national because he was fighting against the land mafias try to occupy the Waqf land.’

Shia Cleric Kalbe Jawwad of Lucknow is also fighting for Waqf properties of the Muslim community which he claims are being sold out by the corrupt people occupying chairs in Waqf board.