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BJP cornered on Gau Mata by rival parties

Congress and AAP are constantly attacking BJP on the ongoing ‘cow protection’ and ‘cow vigilantism’ in the country and the self-acclaimed ‘gau-rakshaks’ have carried out violence in different parts of the country.

Former Delhi Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Sheila Dikshit launched an attack on BJP on the issue of ‘cow protection’. Dikshit, while speaking to news agency ANI in Lukcnow, said that members of BJP worship cows but don’t protect them.

Meanwhile on the other hand, AAP leader Sanjay Singh blamed BJP for the rising atrocities against the Dalits in BJP-ruled states. “Ever since the BJP came to power, atrocities against the Dalits have been on the rise, especially in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. People are indulging in anti-social activities in the name of cow protection. Has the Hindu culture taught only this to Modi’s party?,” Sanjay Singh said. “The BJP is unable to respect other fellow beings, how do we expect them to respect cows?,” he added.

While on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at pseudo-gau rakshaks for indulging in anti-social activities. At a meet in the National Capital, Modi said that gau rakshaks who claim to be protectors during the day often resorted to criminal activities at time.