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BJP government destroying institutions: Congress

The Congress on Thursday accused the BJP-led government of destroying the country’s institutions and said “this could not be the way to move forward”.

“Institutions are hard to build and sustain. Constitutional, educational and other important institutions are being ignored and surpassed by the present dispensation,” Congress spokesperson M.V. Rajeev Gowda told the media here.

“This should be condemned,” he said.

“The government is constantly undermining country’s important institutions,” he said, adding that the Congress will continue to oppose it.

As for former Congress leader S.M. Krishna joining the Bharatiya Janata Party, Gowda
said: “It us his decision but his remark about Congress getting weak in Karnataka is wrong.”

“Party is being revived. He should have stayed for some time more,” he added.

“There are some elections coming up… we do not know; only he and the BJP leadership know what induced him to take this particular decision,” the Congress leader added.

Calling the BJP’s Karnataka leadership as “jail birds”, Gowda said:”B.S. Yeddyuruppa has been to jail, Janardan Reddy has come out of jail and who else?”

“So, the BJP before these elections has no face of its own,” he added.

Giving example of Punjab, he said Karnataka and other states will see similar vote of confidence in the Congress in the coming assembly elections.

On the constitution of the National Commission for Backward Classes, Gowda said his party will discuss and study the details internally and then make a formal response.

The Congress leader also opposed the Centre’s move to use Aadhaar, that was started by
the earlier government for identity purpose, for tax payment and other important matters.

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