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BJP’s allegation, Rahul Gandhi wore Jacket worth Rs 63,000 in Meghalaya

Sometime back congress attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for wearing an expensive suit, but now countering it, Bharatiya Janata Party has attacked the Congress President’s jacket. Meghalaya BJP has alleged that Rahul Gandhi wore a jacket worth Rs 63,000 in a function at Meghalaya.

Notably, Rahul Gandhi is on a visit to Meghalaya on the election campaign. During this, he also participated in a concert. The jacket that Rahul Gandhi had worn in the program, has sparked controversy.

A photograph of Rahul and that jacket has been posted by Meghalaya BJP’s Twitter account. The price of the jacket is also shown in the post, which is approximately 63 thousand rupees.

In this post, it is written that So @OfficeOfRG , soot(pun intended!)-boot ki sarkar with ‘black’ money fleeced from Meghalayan State exchequer by rampant corruption? Instead of singing away our woes, you could have given a report card of your inefficient govt in Meghalaya! Your indifference mocks us!

On this occasion, Rahul Gandhi along with other Congress leaders sung the famous song we will overcome. Well, this song is now in the heart of every Congress leader, as BJP has won in many states and the central government.

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