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Blame-game begins between Congress and BJP ahead of Karnataka Assembly polls

After the elections of the three states, Karnataka assembly elections are likely to be held in the month of May. But still no official announcement has been made by the election commission of India so far.

Still, Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) have drawn their swords for battling in the Karnataka Assembly polls. Both the parties have started leveling allegations against each other in wake of the elections.

On Sunday, the Congress party in a tweet made from its official Twitter handle said that whatever BJP is accusing them is all false, there is nothing like this.

Earlier the BJP has tried to malign Congress by making a photo viral on social media. Giving a response on it the Congress party has now said that “Lies and deceit by the BJP cannot hide what our Govt has achieved in Bengaluru and Karnataka. @INCKarnataka #BJPLies”

Earlier, BJP Chief Amit Shah described the Congress-ruled Karnataka governments and CM Siddaramaiah as “3-D Government”. He had said that the government runs on 3-D principle, Dhokha, Dadagiri and Dynasty.

When Rahul Gandhi went to Karnataka, he also gave a controversial statement. Rahul had said that when the BJP government assume power and people start to die. Comparing the Congress (UPA) rule, Rahul had said that, in 2012, we had ended terrorism but in 2014 the BJP government came and people start dying.

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