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Bulandshahr gang rape taking political turn

It was time to leave all political difference behind in Bulandshahar Gang rape case but leaving no room for humanity, politicians didn’t abstain themselves from politicking the issue.

Giving a new twist to the politics on gang rape, Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh government, Mohd Azam Khan said: “It (gang rape) is a plot of opposition to malign state government ahead of elections. There is need to examine the role of opposition in the incident.”

Country’s biggest state, Uttar Pradesh would see elections within some months and now such issues won’t be spared by the politicians who are finidng issues to gain popularity in public domain.

He said people can do anything for garnering the vote bank. The incidents of muzaffarnagar, shamli and kairana took place for political gains then why can’t there be possibilities in this too. For acquiring power, politicians can murder people, incite riots and can take innocent lives. The truth behind this needs to be explored.

Replying on khan’s statement BJP said, ‘If you people have some humanity left, so get the accused arrested and take strict action against them.’ The party demanded CBI investigation.

After the incident of bulandshahr Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party government is on the target of the opposition. The opposition alleged that Akhilesh government has failed to maintain law and order in the state. On Humanitarian ground CM Akhilesh Yadav should step down immediately.

As reported, the woman and her daughter were coming from Shahjahanpur with their family on Saturday night. As the car entered Bulandshahr 2-3 people started banging the car with an iron rod, as soon as the driver stopped the car, the goons on the gun point made the family hostage.

Bulandshahr senior official said the family was robbed. Men were tied up, a 35- year-old woman and her daughter were dragged away and gang raped.