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CBI to probe police killing of Rajasthan gangster Anandpal Singh

The central government has given its nod for a CBI probe into the alleged encounter killing of notorious Rajasthan gangster Anandpal Singh in July, informed sources said.

The central government has informed the home department that the case is being handed over to the CBI, the sources said.

With the central government’s nod for a CBI probe, the state government has breathed easy.

The BJP state government had requested a CBI probe in a letter sent on July 24. However, the CBI rejected the request on November 15, citing lack of evidence in the case for initiating a probe.

The state government again wrote to the central government on December 17 pleading that discontent among Rajputs was growing as their primary demand for a CBI investigation has not been accepted. The government warned in a letter that not ordering a CBI probe could worsen the law and order situation in the state.

Anandpal Singh was killed in a police encounter in Malasar village of Churu district on June 24. His family members questioned the credibility of the encounter and claimed he was killed even though he wanted to surrender.

The police officials in their defence said that he was asked to surrender several times, but he had opened fire on policemen.

Rajasthan’s influential Rajput community had resorted to massive protests over the killing, blocking roads, and vandalised public property to press for an inquiry into what they alleged was a staged encounter.

One person was killed and 32 injured in clashes in Sanrad village.