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CES Expo 2017 Brings Eight Innovative Products To Make Your Life Easy

This year’s CES expo held at Las Vegas has me spectacular technology at display.
Whatthebeep brings you top 8 cool, creative and innovative products of the CES Expo 2017.

1. Lenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo Smart Assistant. Image source: www.cnet.com

Considered as an alternative to Amazon Echo, Lenovo’s new product boasts 8 micro speakers. It claims to pick up speech from 21feet away. It can also manage calendars, voice assist, answer questions, etc. It’s also powered by Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant. It is priced at $130 for standard version.

2. Asus Zenfone AR

Asus Zenfone AR. Image source: www.androidauthority.com

This is Augmented and Virtual Reality enabled variant from Asus is certainly a disruption in mobile handset market. It supports two platforms created by Google; Tango and Daydream. Thus indicating hardware changes which will now enable motion tracking, depth perceiving, learn about surroundings etc.

3. Toyota Concept-i Car

Toyota Concept-i Car

Toyota was never in news for futuristic and driverless cars, while Uber, Apple and Google are. Claiming it’s might over Artificial Intelligence Toyota showcased Concept-i, which is an autonomously driven car, learning drivers preferences and suggesting destinations, directions and many more.

4. Lego Boost

Lego Boost by LEGO group. Image source: www.lego.com

Kids have everything this time around in CES 2017. Lego has always been a frontrunner in providing creative tools and products to Kids. Lego Boost allows kids to craft items, program designs, walk, make noise, everything over an app specially designed which just uses drag and drop functionalities.

5. Kuri Robot

Kuri Robot. Image source: www.dezeen.com

Robots have always enthused us. Kuri, is different. It does everything, right from ordering groceries to doing household works. This 20-inch tall robot is as cute as a cartoon character, with big eyes. See it, you may fall in love with robots once again.

6. Intel’s Compute Card 

Compute card by Intel.

When you call a smartphone, a mini computer, it simply means you are carrying a computing device. But, how about real-computer which is less than the size of your credit card? Yes, Intel has done it.

7. Whill Model M Electric Wheelchair

Whill Model M Electric Wheelchair. Image source: www.techcrunch.com

This is a special electric wheelchair designed for people with disability. The interesting feature of this wheelchair is it’s patented Omni-wheel technology, which enable seamless maneuverability on almost all terrains.

8. Whirlpool Zera Food Recycler

Zera Food Recycler. Image source: www.cnet.com

Your food wastage will never be a polluting agent again. Whirlpool launches a food recycler that recycles your kitchen waste into useful compost in a week time. This will help you reduce the waste you contribute to the landfill in the corner of your street. With a press of button, whirlpool makes you a green-person, meaning, you are not polluting nature as much as others.