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China hopes New Delhi will cancel Dalai Lama’s activities in India: Envoy

China on Thursday expressed hope that India will take “effective measures” on the Dalai Lama’s “activities” and cancel his proposed visit to Arunachal Pradesh next month.

“China has expressed strong opposition to the decision by the Indian government regarding the activities of the Dalai Lama. We believe this type of activity goes against the promise made by the Indian government. ..We hope the India government will take effective measures and cancel such kind of activities,” Chinese Consul general in the city Ma Zhanwu said here.

The envoy, however, said China is working for more cooperation from its neighbouring countries including India and Bangladesh.

“We are ready to work with all our neighbouring countries to contribute to the development and mutual benefit. China announced One Belt, One Road initiative to build infrastructure and share such infrastructure,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said a 22-member business delegation from Shandong province in China would visit West Bengal next week for a B2B meeting with their Indian counterparts.

China has voiced its displeasure over the proposed visit of the Tibetan leader to Tawang next month for a Buddhist festival, saying by allowing it, India was risking “serious damage” in the ties between the two nations.

China considers Arunachal Pradesh to be a part of southernmost Tibet.

India has maintained that the Dalai Lama is free to travel anywhere in the country and has visited the northeastern state in the past too.

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