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Common Indians have never fallen for hate politics, here is the proof

You may have seen provocative videos of various political leaders insulting sentiments of different religious groups, who even look successful when some of their supporters cheer for them. But this incident narrated by a Mumbai based journalist in his Facebook post, will make you understand, Religious Pluralism in India can never be destroyed by a handful of leaders who use religion for political gains & try to divide our great Nation. It also clearly reflects, Indians will always love and respect each other.

Following is the full text of his Facebook post:
When the whole of India is debating about tolerance and intolerance I got a taste of the hidden love the Indians have for each other as humans.
It is nothing but a very small incident while travelling in a crowded Mumbai local train from Mumbai Central to the suburbs.
I boarded the men’s first class compartment (for office in Elphinstone) while my wife did the same in ladies, travelling to Malad for a Moharram sermon, with my 1 1/2 old daughter in tow.
Even as I boarded men’s compartment which was crowded during the peak hours, I was worried if my better half had got a seat especially with the kid in her arms and she wearing an Islamic hijab with only face seen.
On the other hand I had got a seat which I gave to an old Hindu priest at the next station. He returned the gesture with a smile.
I got down at the Elphinstone station for my office thinking if my wife had got a seat or not on her long journey to Malad.
A few hours later when I called my wife to inquire about the journey, she was only thanking a Hindu lady for helping her out by giving her own seat. The lady did not leave the seat for others till my wife and daughter sat comfortably.
That made me a bit emotional and taught me a lesson as well. In the exchange of love you will get nothing but love.
Although I have many great Hindu, Christians, Muslims friends, but this was something special.
No wonder our beloved and the greatest martyr on earth Imam Hussain (AS) had expressed his desire to go to Hind (India). “IF YOU GIVE ME WAY I WILL LEAVE ARAB AND GO TO INDIA,” he had told the oppressors Yazeed (LA) and Shimr (LA)

This is not Karma, but a reflection of theĀ Idea of India.

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