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Congratulations Kejriwal trollers, you have fallen to a new low

Controversies seem to be hovering over Aam Aadmi Party, this time Sandeep Kumar, the sacked leader is in news for an alleged sex tape where he is seen in a compromising position with a woman.

However, the AAP leader has denied all the charges and has lambasted the media by saying, “I am not in that video. It is a case of media trial.”

Reportedly, The CD was provided to a News channel by Om Prakash, who claims to have received it from an unknown person. From News channels to social media platform it has spread like a wildfire and unfolded into a bad troll.

Social media experts have raised concerns, they say that its not about Sandeep Kumar or the woman involved as shown in the tape, but the new trend which has started among the trollers of Aam Aadmi movement and it’s chief Kejriwal. It appears as if the trollers have turned out to be more “Creative and Ugly”, crossing all ethical boundaries.

For instance, the political posts and jokes shared over social media, especially the Ration Card jokes targeting Kejriwal also include women’s images.

Using women in images for trolling Aam Aadmi Party and Kejriwal is far unethical for political leverage. Some feel that the alleged video of Sandeep Kumar, and that of the people over internet, trolling women and ration card, have no difference.

Below, we have collected five screenshots for reference, clearly depicting the mentality of our so called Nationalists and Patriots.


Source: Twitter


Source: Facebook comments


Source: Facebook comments


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Source: Twitter