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Dalit couple hacked to death in a village at Mainpuri

Mainpuri (UP): It seems that no haven is left for dalits in the country. Yet another incident of brutality against lower caste Dalits was reported at Mainpuri. Here an upper caste shopkeeper chopped a dalit couple with an axe for not repaying debt of Rs 15.

As reported, the dalit couple Bharat Singh and Mamta bought something daily utility items from a local shopkeeper Ashok mishra some days back. Being left with no money the couple demanded for some more time from the shopkeeper but instead of giving time he became angry and started shouting and abusing them.

Filed with anger, Mishra rushed to his residence, picked up axe and chopped the couple to death making humanity ashamed again. The police have arrested the accused and recovered murder weapon from them.

Being hit hard on the neck twice with an axe, the couple died on the spot. The local police had been deployed in the village to maintain law and order.

The couple is reportedly survived by five children. While two of their daughters are married, the three sons are minors.

The police have registered case against Ashok under Section 302 of the IPC and also imposed provisions of SC & ST Act.