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Dawood and ISI are trying to bring terror activities back to life in India

The arrest of Moti Paswan, Uma Shankar Patel and Mukesh Yadav, it has come to light that Dawood and ISI are bringing their terror activities back to life in India. The group are preparing new plans and strategies. The trio Paswan, Patel and Yadav revealed the plans in the police custody. Meanwhile it has also come to light that Kanpur train derailment was part of their conspiracy.

As per Moti Paswan’s revelations, who is currently in police custody, they were supposed to target Mahanagri express on the eve of Republic Day, during its run between Allahabad and Varanasi.

As per the sources in the Bihar police, they had a proper input about Moti Paswan, who was in constant touch with some ISI operatives in Nepal. Moti and his associates were accused of planting a pressure-cooker bomb on a railway track to cause the derailment of a Raxaul-Sitamarhi train on October 1, last year.

According to a website ledeindia.com, acting on the tip-off a special team of Bihar police nabbed Moti Paswan, a suspected Maoist, with his two associates from Bakhri village. When thirty-year-old Moti was interrogated by local SP Jeetendra Rana, he revealed that he was also behind the Indore-Rajendranagar Express derailment. He said Police quoted Moti as saying the derailment was carried out at the behest of a Dubai-based ISI operative, Shamsul Hoda, who had funded the operation.

They were supposed to derail Raxaul-Sitamarhi train, in the last hour, this task was handed over to other two members of the group Mohan and Sohan Paswan both residents of Bakhri village on the India-Nepal border.

However, both failed to Plant IED on track and went untraceable. ISI operatives in Nepal were concerned that they might leak their plans, were killed allegedly by ISI operatives in Nepal.

During interrogation, he revealed that all accused involved in the derailment were trained for two days in an old car-shed in East Champaran and Varanasi.

Dubai-based Shamsul Hoda is said to be the mastermind behind these activities. Hoda native of Nepal is close to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and ISI, recently he has shifted to Dubai to chalk out a strategy for more such attacks in India.

Brijesh Giri in Nepal was his man who was coordinating everything. Moti said, were acting on instructions of one Brijesh Giri who paid them Rs 3 lakhs. Giri, who allegedly has connections with Shamsul Hoda ISI man based in Dubai.

Now agencies are looking for more accused identified as Gajendra Sharma and Rakesh Yadav.

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