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Dear BJP, RSS man’s life is as important as Junaid’s, Akhlaq’s and Najeeb’s

BJP members in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday raised the issue of political killings in Kerala and accused the CPI-M-led Left Front government in the state of inaction.

Speaking during Zero Hour, Bharatiya Janata Party MP Prahlad Joshi said: “In 17 months of Left government in Kerala, 17 people have been killed.”

“Congress workers have also been killed, but they are hobnobbing with them in Delhi and fighting in Kerala,” Joshi said.

BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi read out a list of names of alleged victims of political violence — Anil Kumar, Pramod, Ramchandran, Vineesh, Vishwa, Radhakrishnana, Santhosh, Sujit and Biju.

“These are names of those who were victims of political murders in Kerala,” she said. “The people who give lectures on intolerance and democracy cannot tolerate alternate ideologies in democracy.”

“When BJP workers are killed we raise voice, others do not even raise their voice. Politics does not give licence to kill,” she added.

Unfortunately, we do not get to see such protests from BJP leaders when the accused are linked with alleged cow vigilantes aur any group affiliated to the BJP like ABVP.

Inspite of so much violence, minorities have only got speeches in return. Even yesterday, alleged cow vigilantes in Madhya Pradesh, beat up four men from the marginalised community in the presence of the police, for allegedely smuggling cows.

(With inputs from IANS)