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Digitize the education to control dropout rate

Digitize the education to control dropout rate. The Modern and digital era is inviting us heartily to face the new dimensions of growth. Fortunately the students are ready to welcome the new trend but with the rusty education system and worn out teaching ideologies.

An accounting aspirant Arman Yusuf was agonized over the colleges that the teachers are unable to pay proper attention due to one or the other reasons. Unfortunately, some colleges are not following the paths of the modern technology.

With the proper exposure to internet based teaching, case studies, e-notes and audio-visual notes, sustainable and educative role of tablets, laptops, etc can be clearly seen among the students. Students should not be stopped from using latest gadgets, computers, mobiles or tablets rather they should be encouraged for their educative use.

Following the trend, students are more exposed to these mobiles and computers than their text books. Properly recorded class notes in audio or visual formats could be very helpful for the students in their studies as he/she can easily recall their lessons being taught earlier. These audio-visual class notes supplemented by handy mobile apps operated and connected with the concerned teacher can overcome the problem of student’s hesitation barrier as well as the problem of inattention by the teachers. Studies can be made student-friendly facilitated and guided by enthusiastic teachers.

With the view of maintaining student’s health, their heavy bags overloaded with some unwanted notes, poor infrastructure, heavy work load with minimum resting hours are making students sick, depressed, lethargic, creating back/neck problems, unhealthy development, weakening of eye sight, etc. which can be minimized by proper and systematic study schedule, light weight books/ bags, minimum home-work and provision of weekly holidays.

At last, it will be correct to say that if we want to achieve a dream of having modern education system with minimum school drop-outs and maximum talent, we have to opt for latest technology in education sector.

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