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Do not make worng movie or else people will react says Nana Patekar on Padmavat

After getting a green signal from censor board and the Supreme Court, the film ‘Padmavat’ is going to be released on January 25. However, it is being heavily opposed across the country. Meanwhile, a video of actor Nana Patekar is getting viral on social media in which he is answering questions about the film.

The viral video is being shot during the screening of the Marathi film Apal Manush and on this occasion, the media persons were also present there. When the media asked Nana Patekar in the video that the Supreme Court has given a green signal to the release of the film, but the way it is being opposed. Is it any kind of trouble to make a historical movie in today’s time?

Replying to this, Nana Patekar said, “Nothing is difficult. It is common for films to be bigger. When the movie gets a green signal from the censor, then it will be released. However, people will not react if you make the right film. You will make a wrong movie then people will react.

Nana Patekar was asked that the movie is not a textbook, which could be banned. On this Nana Patekar clearly said, ‘The opposition is wrong, but if you distort history, it is natural that the people associated with it will feel bad. It is the responsibility of the filmmakers while making a film that no one gets hurt.


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