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Do not use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones in flights

Samsung has announced to halt sales of its Galaxy Note 7 smart phones, and will replace costumer’s existing devices with new units following the complaints of explosions.

Around 35 incidents of exploded Note 7 phones have been circulated all over the globe. In response to the reported cases, a thorough investigation found a battery issue, as stated by the company itself.

After the decision of Samsung to issue a global recall on reports of approximately three dozens exploding devices, company is now holding back the deliveries of Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones in India.

In regards to fresh issues detected in the smart phone battery, India authorities have warned the passengers for the usage of Samsung Note 7 in flights. BS Bhullar, Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said in the public notice that, “In the light of recent involving battery issues with Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices globally, travelling public and airlines are advised not to turn and charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on boarding aircrafts. Although passengers can carry the device on board but it has to be put on switched off mode.”

The aviation authorities of several countries like US, Australia, and Japan followed the same directives to warn the passengers to avoid turning on the Galaxy Note 7 phones.

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