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Egypt claims killing ISIS Leader in the Sinai Peninsula

ISIS Leader in the Sinai, Abu Duaa al-Ansari who headed the terror group’s operations through a safe haven in the Sinai region northeast of the country has been killed as claimed by the Egyptian Military.

The military statement identified Al-Ansari as a leader of the Sinai branch of ISIS where he was killed in a series of air strikes near the town of Arish, together with 45 other ISIS militants, while the weapons stockpiles were also destroyed.

Formerly known as the ‘Ansar Bait al-Maqdis’ (Supporters of the Holy House), the terrorist unit has pledged allegiance to terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

This Sinai branch now known as ‘Takfiri Velayat’, is actually an offshoot of ISIS in northeastern Egypt, and has not yet acknowledged the death of its leader.

A state of emergency was declared in October 2014 across the whole Sinai Peninsula following a deadly terrorist attack which claimed the lives of 33 soldiers. Thereafter, the military launched a massive operation in Sinai in September 2015 following coordinated terrorist attacks on several army checkpoints that claimed the lives of 21 soldiers.

Several hundreds of military personnel and militants have been killed ever since as Egypt strives to curb the insurgency.