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Egyptian President on 3-day visit to India

Egypt’s President¬†Abdel Fattah Al Sisi is on a 3-day visit to India for expanding economic ties and discussing terrorism issues with India’s Prime Minister and other key figures.

This comes as Indian President Pranab Mukherjee invited Sisi to visit the country. Sisi is accompanied by a high level delegation of ministers and businessmen from the deeply disturbed north-African nation.

They are scheduled to meet businessmen from India along with the Indian Leadership on issues primarily governing economic relations.

Egypt has been in flames of unrest since the 2011-2012 infamous Arab spring which sprouted from Tunisia, followed by Egypt, overthrowing Egypt’s then dictator Hosni Mobarak. Following the ouster of Mobarak, Egyptians unanimously voted for Mohammed Morsi, who was then taken over by Al Sisi, Egypt’s then Minister of Defense, running a coup d’etat to climb to power with support of United States and Saudi Arabia.

Egypt has ever since experienced large crackdown, arrests and murder of critics and opponents, with very low human rights profile in the country

Five years of unrest has left the disturbed Arab nation with a struggling economy.

India and Egypt share decent economic relations, India being Egypt’s sixth largest trading destination.

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