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Erdogan meets Putin on his first foreign visit after attempted coup

Putin was visited by the Turkish President Recep Tayip Ergodan who has recently risen thwarted an attempted coup in Turkey, becoming the undisputed leader with full support from all parties. Putin was one of the first (head of state) who called Erdogan and extended support for overcoming the domestic threat in Turkey.
This visit also becomes the first meeting between the two “secret friends” since after Turkey had downed a Russian Jet over Syria last year in November, with no repercussions from the Russian front.
Putin welcomes Erdogan in St. Petersburg, Russia, with very warm words, saying, “Your visit, which comes amid a very complicated situation in Turkey, indicates that all of us want to revive our dialogue and restore relations for the sake of the Turkish and Russian peoples,”

“I once again express my gratitude to you for this opportunity to be with you and meet with you,” the Turkish leader said.
“This will be a historic visit, a fresh start. I believe that a new page will be opened [during]… the negotiations with my friend Vladimir [Putin],” he added.

Russia and Turkey have differences on the Syrian crisis as Erdogan has been supporting the anti-Assad Islamists since the beginning of the crisis, while Putin has been rendering military and political support for the Syrian President Assad. Previously Russia has also claimed Turkey to be in direct support of the Islamic State (IS) Terrorists, whereby the Turkish Military has been found supporting them with arms and logistical and other support through the Turkish-Syrian Border.
The two “friends” held a “live’ press conference Tuesday evening responding to queries related to the possible bridging of relations between the two countries.