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Female dominance over male, would it still be funny?

Scrolling down your Facebook feed at the end of a long day, if you are little low on “friends” and high on memes side, you see an array of memes, conversions of direst of situations into light hearted moments. But there is another side of this humorous world, making fun of women, I mean this is like centuries old and honestly why do we even get offended by this anymore right? They just make fun of your body, face, the way you decide to look or talk or the fact that you are a woman and thus subjective to stereotypes, they just mean it funny and to make memes funny gender stereotyping is absolutely important and joking about female hormones and habits is just so hilarious.

Besides, if somebody like me or you were to make such memes on our opposite gender, their hormones and alleged habits and comment amazingly creepy and sleazy and disrespectful on those memes, they will find it a hell lot funny, will they not? It’s sad there is no fun like that, it’s all limited to women, women on their periods and women before and after makeup and it is funny indeed and what do you naïve women get offended for? Isn’t it pretty obvious that the intelligent population of human species naturally assume that we were born with emerald eyelashes and purple hued lips so when you suddenly go bare face, it’s a shocker and to combat that shock there are always makeup jokes.

Wrapping intentional humiliation into the bubble wrap of “fun” and “joke” is just so cool. Who cares a dime for boundaries and emotions anyway? There is this fine line between subtle comedy on human characteristics and crass humor based on demeaning through highlighting the stereotypical mannerisms of a particular gender, but well, these are finer considerations left to the pondering “feminist” types, who catch this bundle of thought right out of window it is thrown away from.

You can always throw it away and go on enjoying their memes on my PMS and her alleged possessiveness about her boyfriend and c’mon now! Women like you and me take so much offense on such little things. What are they even doing? But, making insulting our bodies and encouraging other like-minded chaps to further put beautiful comments about the caricatures of “feminine” without knowing an F about what feminine is (and it is most certainly not just about too much gossiping and baseless bickering), no big deal! In fact, we should all join in the fun and get the ball rolling hardcore, there is so much untapped source of humor, lying wasted.

There is male ego, male hormones, and stereotypical jokes on men being emotional. We can always make jokes on men with abs and also those with no abs, “masculine”, guys who cannot handle the mention of something as natural as menstrual bleeding and the fact that girls are basically “bitches” who do enjoy agency and are headstrong and then there are always guys who go for grooming and care a lot about vanity…. There are so many stereotypes and if we start making fun of all these as well, coupled with enraging comments, guys can finally be having something to laugh about too and they will find it so funny, obviously, you will, Right? Or will you now? And if you won’t then understand women don’t find it funny either, for the exact very reasons.

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