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Final trial of Talgo

India’s fastest Talgo train to commence its final trial today on Delhi-Mumbai route. The train is scheduled to begin the ride at 2:45 pm from New Delhi Station and is supposed to reach Mumbai at around 2:29 am on Sunday late night.

The superfast Talgo is about 1,384 km in less than 12 hours at a speed of 150 kmph.
The Spanish based Talgo train in its earlier three trials was unable to hit the required speed. In the month of May, the first trial took place between Bareilly and Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. It attained its second trial on the route of Palwal and Mathura in July and accomplished it at 180 kmph in 38 minutes covering 84 kilometres.

Talgo train has nine coaches, two executive class cars, four chair cars, one cafeteria a power car and a tail end coach for staff and equipment. Talgo aims to reach its point of disembarkation in 11 hours and 44 minutes at 150 kmph. Although in its previous Delhi-Mumbai run, the train reached Mumbai 18 minutes late.

Several benedictions comparing LHB Rajdhani and Shatabdi coaches includes easier maintenance and saving up to 1 crore. There is no major necessity for overhauling of tracks. Coaches comprising reading lights, tables, audio and video entertainment. Moreover there will be the reduction in Railway’s energy bill by 30%. Train also has controlled temperature even if outside temperature is 50 degree Celsius or below 20 degree Celsius.

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