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Former IIT professor and wife locked themselves in their own house for 4 months

In a curious case that came to light recently, a former IIT professor and his wife were found in pitiable conditions, almost inhumane in their own house where they locked themselves in, for four months.

This couple was rescued by the local police on Tuesday, investigating the complaints of foul stench from the sharda nagar apartment in Kanpur.

On barging in the house for the enquiry upon the same, the police was met with the sight of fully clothed 50 year old professor, Sanjeev Dayal lying unconscious in one room while his wife, Vidya was found under a bed in the next room, naked and reserved.

The couple was rescued and immediately rushed to the Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital, Kanpur and are said to be in critical condition with their heartbeats and pulse rate being irregular.

Apart from the couple found in such conditions, the police was also met with another sight of disgust and horror, as they found heap of excrements in the rooms as the couple bolted the toilet door with a plank.

Due to the reserved nature of the couple, the relatives and neighbors have also not been able to be of much help to the police who is now scouring through the CCTV footage from the rooms, one of the tangents being explored is that of any form of depression or psychiatric condition the couple might have been sufferings from.

There are a number of baffling questions looming large in this case, the installment of cameras in the rooms being one that came to my notice, it is yet to be seen how police finds answers to these questions.

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