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France PM Bernard Cazeneuve warns of ‘extremely high’ terror risk

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Thursday warned that the terror risk remained “extremely high” and pledged full government mobilisation to ensure safety at home.

“The (terror) threat on French territory is extremely high and justifies the state of emergency’s extension until July 15,” Xinhua news agency quoted Cazeneuve as saying.

“The attack in London, like the one that was avoided at Orly airport last Saturday, demonstrated the need for greater vigilance.

“The government is fully mobilised until the last minute of (its governing period). Everyone is acting to increase the protection of France,” he added.

Following the latest Westminster Bridge attack in London which left four persons dead — including the lone attacker — and scores injured, Cazeneuve expressed “compassion, friendship and unwavering solidarity” with Britain.

At least 230 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in France since 2015, with 17 attacks being foiled in 2016 and five since the beginning of this year, according to Cazeneuve.

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