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Glass-laced kite strings slit throats of three in Delhi

The incident occurred in India’s capital on Monday thrice as the kite-flying turned deadly. The practice of flying kites, which is done by thousands of Indians on August 15. But no one knew that the practice by the fellow Indians would become life taking incident.

In three similar incidents, a 3-year-old girl Saanchi, was with her parents in a car had her head out of the sunroof when her throat was cut by a kite string, while the other victims was a 4-year-old boy Harry, was also looking out of the sunroof of a car. In the third incident, Jafar Khan, fell off a motorbike after his throat was cut by a string and it became tangled around his neck.

The glass-laced kite strings are being imported by China, which makes it easier to cut others’ strings during the competition. The string is also known as a Chinese manjha.

Both children were declared dead on arrival at hospitals. While 22-year-old Jafar Khan, was riding his motorcycle on an overpass and suffered a fatal head injury in a similar way.

A petition given to Delhi’s High Court earlier this month states that 15 have been killed by Chinese manjhas in the past two years in Delhi.

Immediately following the tragedies, the government’s inaction swiftly turned into action. Delhi issued an immediate ban on the production, sale and storage of the so-called Chinese manjhas and said anyone caught with them could face a five-year jail term and a Lakh rupee fine.

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