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Gujarat AAP rally, an alarm bell for BJP?

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rally held in Surat city of Gujarat on Sunday, witnessed a massive crowd to which many were saying is a historic moment in the history of Gujarat’s politics.

Seeing such a massive support in BJP’s stronghold, Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal was filled with energy and enthusiasm. Although Narendra Modi is Arvind Kejriwal’s direct rival, he mainly targeted Modi’s ‘Chanakya’ and BJP Chief, Amit Shah.

In his address, Arvind Kejriwal slammed Amit Shah and compared him to the tyrant General Dyer alleging that Shah has made the environment scary and that he had been threatening Gujaratis in different ways. On the occasion, Kejriwal termed Patidar leader Hardik Patel as a ‘True Nationalist’.

In the rally, Arvind Kejriwal promised to fight for justice to the Patel families. Speaking on the occasion Kejriwal said the environment in Gujarat is really scary if anyone dares to speak against wrong policies of BJP, his voice would be brutally suppressed. In the Patidar movement 14 youths were shot, those were not terrorists, they were Indian citizens.

Just before the rally in a dramatic scenario, the Delhi Police reached Gujarat and arrested AAP MLA Gulab Singh, irked on which Arvind Kejriwal alleged that Amit Shah wanted to spoil Aam Aadmi Party’s rally which is why such a drama took place.


The political pundits believe that since 1995 Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) held power in Gujarat. However, during this long period, the party has never had such a massive support of people in its political rallies.

 A survey limits BJP to 70 seats in next Assembly polls

If a survey report is to be believed, the BJP might get only 70 seats, while on the other side Congress has been away from the power since to 22 years in the state and they don’t have capabilities to manage on every booth. This clearly indicates that the Congress would not get much seats in Gujarat polls.

The aggression of BJP-led State Government against Patidar movement, and atrocities on the Dalits in UNA have brought BJP under fire. Cashing out on this moment Aam Aadmi Party strengthened its base in Gujarat and now the party plans to contest next assembly polls in Gujarat.