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I will not go from here (JNU) without my brother says Najeeb’s Sister

More than seven days have passed since MSc student of JNU Najeeb Ahmad mysteriously disappeared from the campus. His sister Sadaf, along with mother has come to the campus seeking reply from the JNU administration.

With the eyes full of tears, Sadaf gave a heart touching statement: “Main Apne Bhai Ko Liye Bina Yahan (JNU) Se Nahi Jaungi (I will not go from here without my brother)”. These words had been echoing in the JNU campus where the raged students had been continuously protesting and praying for the safe return of Najeeb Ahmad.

When Najeeb’s mother came to the campus to inquire about her son, she tried to meet the JNU administration but got nothing more than assurance. Even the police came and recorded her statement. Talking to the Local media, she was crying continuously and demanded safe return of her son.

It was reported that on Saturday, when some allegedly AVBP volunteers went to Najeeb’s hostel they had heated argument with him and if students are to be believed, he was beaten by the group which came to hostel.

However, all are clueless where Najib has disappeared after the brawl. The ABVP was under fire since and they had been refuting involvement in his disappearance, instead right wing supported AVBP alleged that Left supported students are trying to communalize the issue.

Making it clear, in a cracking voice Sadaf said this was not the fight for one Muslim kid. A girl said to me here ‘Yahan Aisa hi hota hai’. I made it clear to her do not make this a communal issue. This is about all of you. I want my brother back and I will not leave from here without him. “We gave our brother in responsible hands of JNU but they are not much concerned about security here. Today this happened with Najeeb, next could be you. Please make efforts with full power and get my brother back alive. I am not leaving the campus without him,” appealed Sadaf to the students.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had taken the matter seriously and had conversation with Delhi Police Commissioner over Najeeb’s mysterious disappearance. Minister has asked to form a special team to find the student anyhow.