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IIT Delhi student try committing suicide after being forced into course not of his choice

The traditional alternatively to a well bread, nicely educated individual- doctor and engineer are not all that old after all, there continues to be a glorification of these courses and multiple students are forced every year to crack these exams, no matter what it takes.

Right from the forcing of students to take up sciences as a matter of preservation of parents’ pride, kids are not trophies to be shown off, neither are they repositories of your unfulfilled dreams, they are individuals and can freely decide what they wish to do with their lives, if it be sciences well and good but if not, if arts and humanities call out to them then you need to make peace with that, especially in today’s world where all you need to be successful is talent and hard work and passion.

Lessons can be learnt from the stock of suicide cases every year in account of dejection of being forced into engineering and medical stream. One such case recently came to light, of 19 year old IIT Delhi student who jumped off the fourth floor of the hostel building on early Wednesday morning and incurred multiple fractures in hips and legs however as of now, his condition remains stable.

The reason behind this extreme step taken by the student echoes the multiple cases of past, as his friends recount that he was suffering from depression, not wanting to pursue the course and being forced into it.

Continuously disturbed, he became especially distraught on Tuesday night and as the friends offered a walk around 4 a.m. to relinquish his mind, he became violent on the stairs and went and jumped off the balcony. This fate needs to be checked.

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