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Images of exploded Jio phone goes viral

Since Jio network service has been launched, there has been a big hue and cry in the country about the product, due to its extremely low internet plans and “free calls”, so much so that people even started talking that these are being sold in black-market through “jugaad”.

Amidst this flaunting release, a spark was seen when a Facebook user posted few images which might question the “Make in India”…oops, the “Made in China” product. The Facebook Gedi Route Jammu has posted few images claiming that Jio LYF Water 1 phone exploded while it was in the user’s hand.


As per the post, the user was browsing Facebook while the device exploded in his hand. As he is being treated for injuries, the reasons of the explosion which may be assumed are the cheap make of the product.

This being said, there are also recent reports of iPhones and Oneplus3, exploding, while Samsung calling off its lineup of Note 7 due to same concerns of battery explosion.